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Mukesh Ambani Wins: Sebi’s Penalties Overturned in Reliance Petroleum Share Case


The Securities and Exchange Board of India’s (Sebi) 2021 order, which fined Mukesh Ambani, the managing director of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), and organizations connected to purportedly manipulative trades in Reliance Petroleum Ltd (RPL) shares, has been overturned by the Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT). The appellate tribunal’s ruling follows Sebi’s January 2021 fines of Rs. 15 crore against Mukesh Ambani and Rs. 25 crore against RIL.

Specifics of the Reliance Petroleum Share Case:

The case concerns November 2007’s sales and purchases of RPL shares in the cash and futures segments. After that, Reliance made the decision to sell almost 5% of its stock in RPL, a listed company that merged with RIL in 2009. BJ Dilip, Sebi’s adjudicating officer, concluded that manipulative trades damaged other investors’ interests by undermining investor confidence and negatively impacting the prices of RPL securities in both segments.

Sebi’s Order:

mukesh ambani

According to Sebi’s 2021 order, RIL used 12 agents to book sizable short positions in RPL November futures as part of a manipulative trading scheme. The intention was to avoid positional restrictions on commission payments. Sebi further stated that RIL had fraudulently cornered almost 93% of open interest in RPL November Futures with the help of Mumbai SEZ and Navi Mumbai SEZ. The regulator claimed that the agents returned profits from short positions to RIL.

SAT’s Decision:

Judge Tarun Agarwala’s bench at SAT rendered the following decision: “Sebi’s 2021 order is quashed.” The penalty must be given back to the appellants if it has been deposited with the respondents (Sebi). We await a comprehensive order that will shed further light on the tribunal’s ruling.


The Supreme Court of India’s ruling to overturn Sebi’s penalty represents a noteworthy advancement for Mukesh Ambani and associated companies, underscoring the intricacies and legal obstacles associated with cases involving purported market manipulation. This result emphasizes how crucial a comprehensive legal procedure is when handling regulatory issues in the financial sector.

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