Home News Zerodha Faces Tech Glitch Amidst Record Highs in Stock Market

Zerodha Faces Tech Glitch Amidst Record Highs in Stock Market

Zerodha Faces Tech Glitch


The discount brokerage company Zerodha experienced technical difficulties on December 4, 2023, which prevented some users from accessing the Kite online platform. Due to the BJP’s victory in three of the four state assembly elections, the Indian stock market experienced a historic day on the day of this unanticipated disruption, with both the Sensex and Nifty 50 reaching all-time highs.

Information about the Tech Glitch:

Concerns were voiced on the mobile app and Zerodha Coin by users who were having trouble logging into the Kite web platform. Users were irritated by the glitch’s timing, which occurred on a day with a lot of trading activity. Some even noted how inconvenient the disruption was.

Zerodha’s Reaction:

Quickly responding to the social media complaints, Zerodha acknowledged the situation and wrote, “A few of our users are having trouble logging into Kite Web.” We are looking into the situation. In the interim, please log into the Kite mobile application.” This responsive communication was sent to help affected users find another platform while the issue was being investigated.

User Reactions:

On several platforms, people expressed their frustration. A comment was made that said, “Down again on an important day.” Similar sentiments were shared by other users, who felt that the disruption was needless given the recent uptick in market activity.

Previous Events:

Zerodha has encountered technical difficulties before. Some users encountered problems in November when completed orders did not appear in the orderbook; however, the issue was fixed that same day. A similar bug that impacted the Kite platform in October highlights the necessity of ongoing watchfulness to preserve a flawless trading experience.


The frequency of technical issues highlights the need for strong systems, particularly during pivotal market events, and raises questions about the dependability of online trading platforms. Users are advised to stay informed about platform updates and investigate alternate channels for trading during such disruptions while Zerodha addresses and resolves the issue.

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