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Cyclone Michaung Disrupts Air Travel: Flights Diverted to Bengaluru from Chennai


On December 4, about 11 flights were rerouted to Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in Bengaluru as a result of Cyclone Michaung’s impact on the skies, which was felt in the form of intense rain lashing Chennai. There has been a ripple effect on the aviation schedule from this weather-related change that has affected both domestic and international flights.

Details of Diverted Flights:

Flights Diverted to Bengaluru from Chennai

Popular airlines including British Airways, Etihad, Indigo, SpiceJet, Gulf Air, Fly Dubai, Air India, and Lufthansa had their flights from Chennai rerouted to Bengaluru. In order to protect passenger safety and deal with the difficulties caused by bad weather, the decision was made to divert these flights.

Current Status:

Ten of the diverted flights have now successfully landed at KIA, and one is currently en route to the alternate airport. Officials at Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) are keeping a close eye on the situation and expect more flights to be diverted to Bengaluru in the next few hours.

Challenges Posed by Cyclone Michaung:

storm cyclone Michaung has caused Chennai to experience intense rains, which has led the authorities to take preventative action. The impact on air travel underscores the dynamic challenges caused by inclement weather, stressing the need for prompt decision-making to prevent delays.

Bengaluru International Airport’s state of readiness:

Due to the flights being diverted, Kempegowda International Airport is prepared to handle the increased traffic. In light of the modified flight schedules, BIAL officials guarantee effective management and coordination to minimize disruptions and guarantee a seamless experience for passengers arriving in Bengaluru.


The fact that flights from Chennai to Bengaluru were diverted is evidence of how weather events can have an unpredictable impact on a variety of daily activities, including air travel. Passengers are urged to monitor any updates and changes in flight schedules as authorities work through the difficulties presented by Cyclone Michaung.

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